Coach Caleb McAllister

Current Team
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Caleb McAllister, Black Belt, Renaissance Academy of Martial Arts in Lynchburg, VA. Caleb was the runner-up in the Inaugural Season of the PGF. He returned for Season 3 and made it to the post-season finale tournament. A former mixed martial arts fighter, McAllister brought all his grit to his current pursuit of jiu jitsu. McAllister is a constant competitor who weaponizes cardio to compliment his formidable jiu jitsu skills. McAllister competed injured during season 3 but didn’t allow it to keep him from the playoffs. One of the best indicators of his likely performance as a coach this season was how he took fellow competitors under his wing and coached them from the sidelines last season. Word is that some competitors are very interested in being on McAllister’s team. With his experience in the PGF and performance as an instructor and coach at large, McAllister is a real threat to be the winning coach this season.

But then there’s the last coach. Honestly, he might have already won.